How can I retrieve my username/password?

  • Go to the Careers site and click the “Sign In” button.  Follow the directions on the Sign In page for retrieving your username/password.

What is the status of my application?

  • Check your profile for the status of your application.  The status will change when actions are taken on your application.

My profile indicates that my application has a status of “Hiring Manager Review.”  What does this mean?

  • Applications forwarded to the Hiring Manager, by Human Resources, will reflect a status of “hiring manager review.” The Hiring Manager will contact candidates who they wish to interview. Those applicants who are not contacted by the Hiring Manger will be notified after the position is filled.

How long does it take for Human Resources to forward my application to the Hiring Manager?

  • Applications that meet the education requirements of the position, as defined in the job announcement, are forwarded to the Hiring Manager within 3 business days, after the close of the announcement.  

Why was I disqualified for the position?

  • Applicants who do not meet the requirements of the position, as defined in the job announcement, are typically disqualified. 

Why do some job announcements reference “Special Requirements?”

  • Certain jobs within Durham County Government require specific credentials, skills and or certification etc. These requirements are defined as “Special Requirements.” Applications that do not reference the Special Requirement(s) will be disqualified.

Can I reach out directly to the Hiring Manager/Department regarding my application?

  • Due to the large volume of applications received for each job announcement, the Hiring Manager/Department is not able to discuss your application.  If you are selected for an interview, the Hiring Manager will contact you directly.

I interviewed for a position, so when will I know if I have gotten the job?

  • Human Resources will contact the selected candidate to make an offer of employment.    

Can I make changes to my application once it has been submitted?

  • No changes can be made to an application once it has been submitted.  Please ensure that information on your application is accurate and up-to-date before you hit the Submit button.

Why is my application showing outdated information?

  • Information on the profile remains static unless it is changed.  Be sure to review and update your profile every time you apply for a position.  If you do not, your application will show outdated information.

Why was I not selected for an interview, when I meet the qualifications for the position?

  • Meeting the qualifications is one of many factors involved in determining which applicants will be extended an interview.  The Hiring Manager will evaluate the applications and based upon their criteria will select applicants to interview.  Keep in mind that jobs within Durham County Government are highly competitive and that the applicant pool can contain over 100 applications.

If there are multiple job announcements with the same job title, how can I be considered for each open job?

  • An application must be submitted for each announcement if you want to be considered for the job.